I like rainy days more than sunny days.

I also have lead design and product teams for more than fifteen years, earning awards, generating value, and building wildly productive, emotionally healthy teams that are aligned on their love of making cool stuff.

I’m a designer director animator strategist illustrator creative.

I’ve spanned the industries of media, publishing, digital products and gaming. I’ve spoken at SXSW, San Diego Comic-Con, <SRCCON>, and many other venues about creativity on the internet. I’m also co-host of a very popular podcast about design, Designer&Designer.


I have some shiny statuettes.

I love building stuff. And I also loved get recognized for how hard I work. I’ve been recognized 5 times at the Webbys, 2 Addys, and 1 Anthem Award. My work has been in the NY Times Magazine, The Boston Globe, the BBC, The Stranger, and many other fine publications.

I think management is a support role.

I believe managing a successful team is actually pretty easy — you go out and hire the best people you can, you form a bedrock of trust and open communication, and then you endeavor to continually unblock them so they can do their absolute best work. Simple in theory, tougher in practice.


I’m an ENFJ.

I’ve been lucky to have been born a good listener, a good talker, and someone who has good human interaction skills. I used to think my best talents were my creative instinct and design eye. I now understand that my emotional intelligence is my true superpower.


I make a lot of Dad jokes.

I’m mostly a father and husband, the stuff I consider way more important than the stuff on this internet website.

Reach out and say hi, I’m very friendly.